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Care at Home

Many patients prefer to receive hospice care in their family residence, where they feel most comfortable. Thanks to the care and services provided by Hosparus Health, more than 70% of patients are able to remain in their homes while receiving hospice or advanced illness care. This way, family members and loved ones can be an important part of the care team, and also spend more time enjoying special moments with the patient.

At Hosparus Health, we recognize that each life is special and each situation is unique. Our role is to make this time of life as comfortable and meaningful as possible. We begin each patient engagement by developing an individualized care plan. This plan outlines patient goals and how best to address symptoms, medications, caregiving schedules and counseling needs. Because it can be quite demanding to care for someone at home who is very ill, we continuously assess and update the plan of care based on changing needs.

In those times between team member visits, Hosparus Health provides 24/7 on call professional support.

Besides the care team, the hospice benefit often allows Hosparus Health to provide durable medical equipment (DME), supplies, medications and treatments in the home, which are necessary for comfort and care related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis and approved plan of care.

Care In Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, & Hospitals

We care for most patients at home, but we also provide hospice and palliative care services in other settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities or hospitals. We believe that by partnering with the staff in these facilities, we can deliver the best possible care for patients and enhance their quality of life.  

Hosparus Health provides the same level of care and service in these settings as we do in the home. The Hosparus Health Care Team works with each patient and the facility staff to optimize care.    

Specifically, we can:                 

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