Hosparus Health Care Teams

At Hosparus Health, we understand that facing serious illness impacts your entire life – your health, your family, your emotions, your spiritual life and your day-to-day functioning. When you choose our hospice and palliative care services, you are supported by a team of people who are specifically trained to serve you and your family during this difficult time.

Your Hosparus Health Care Team may include:  

Your Physician: The patient’s physician remains involved and plays a crucial role in developing a personalized plan of care.   

A Hosparus Health Physician: Our physician oversees your medical plan of care. Certified or trained in hospice and palliative medicine, Hosparus Health physicians are experts in pain and symptom management and are available to consult with the patient’s physician.   

Nurse Practitioner: A patient may choose to use the Hosparus Health nurse practitioner as their attending or primary medical care provider. Nurse practitioners consult with the Hosparus Health physician and patient’s physician to ensure all medical needs are being met.   

Nurses: A Hosparus Health nurse provides day-to-day care – assessing the physical condition and comfort of the patient, and helping to manage symptoms and pain.   

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): A Hosparus Health CNA provides important hands-on care for the patient and family such as bathing, skin care, changing bed linens and helping to maintain a clean and safe environment around the bedside. Our CNAs are state-certified.  

Social Workers: A Hosparus Health social worker can provide counseling, assist with financial concerns, legal matters, advance directives and caregiving arrangements, and as needed, make referrals to other community agencies. Hosparus Health social workers are uniquely qualified to help you and your family cope with the stress, grief and other issues associated with serious illness.   

Chaplains: Hosparus Health chaplains are available to discuss your spiritual and religious concerns and offer you spiritual counseling regarding end-of-life issues. Hosparus Health chaplains respect your personal spirituality and offer you support according to your beliefs. When requested, the chaplain can help you and your family with funeral plans and the funeral service.  

Bereavement Counselors: Our grief counselors can work with families throughout the course of patient care to better understand and manage the grieving process. Grief support is available for family members for up to 13 months following a patient’s death.  

Trained Volunteers: Hosparus Health volunteers give their time to provide companionship and emotional support for our patients and their loved ones.   

When our patients and families get the comfort and care they need, as well as the support they deserve, they often find that life takes on new meaning. They are able to live a more fulfilled life in peace, comfort and dignity.

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