Grace & Glorie Play and Community Discussion



Where: Bunbury Theatre Company at The Henry Clay | 604 S. 3rd St., Louisville KY 40202

Tickets: Click Here

About the Play: Estelle Parsons and Lucie Arnaz starred on Broadway in this charmer set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grace, a feisty 90 year-old cancer patient, has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her beloved homestead cottage to die alone. Her volunteer hospice worker, Glorie, is tense, unhappy and guilt-ridden. As she attempts to care for and comfort the cantankerous Grace, the sophisticated Glorie gains new perspectives on values and life’s highs and lows.

Community Discussion: In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day the April 14 and 27 productions of Grace & Glorie will be followed by a discussion of the themes of this thoughtful play. Join a discussion about the themes of life, death, and deep relationships as well as an opportunity to ask a panel of local experts what conversations you should be having with your loved ones and healthcare providers.

Play runs April 12-28. Visit for show dates and times.

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