While I typically use this space to discuss innovations and trends in hospice care, today I want to feature a special place with a special need, our Hosparus Inpatient Care Center.

At Hosparus, we take great pride in providing quality hospice care wherever a patient calls home. Sometimes, however, home isn’t the best place to provide the level of care a patient needs. That’s why we have the Hosparus Inpatient Care Center (HICC), which we lovingly call “The High C.” Think of it as the Intensive Care Unit of Hosparus. We’ve reached our “High C” capacity, and it’s time for expansion.

At the HICC, Hosparus patients with symptoms that can’t be managed at home or require special treatments, like frequent medication adjustments, or advanced care and monitoring of open wounds, receive the care they need. The HICC is also where area hospitals sometimes send patients at the end of an acute hospital stay if they need pain control or symptom management that cannot be feasibly provided in the home setting at the time of hospital discharge.

Admittance to the HICC is not determined by patient diagnosis. This special level of care is initiated when other efforts to manage symptoms are ineffective.

All HICC patients and families receive the full complement of team care when they arrive, whether they are existing Hosparus patients or not. They also receive the same services regardless of ability to pay – just like the rest of our patients.

Located on the sixth floor of the Norton Healthcare Pavilion in downtown Louisville, the HICC has grown from a rather sterile looking facility with 12 patient beds 20 years ago, to a well-appointed, 25-bed unit today where families can gather and spend time with their loved one.

Patients can customize their rooms with items from home, and families are welcome to celebrate birthdays and holidays in the rooms. (One family held a 90th birthday party for a patient, and 200 people attended! Norton was gracious enough to allow us to use a room elsewhere in the facility that could hold that many people.)

The HICC has live music, massage therapy and fresh flowers each week. We allow pets to visit patients, and the staff bakes cookies to give the unit the smell of home and provide treats for patients who are able to eat.

But we are beyond capacity and we are turning to you, our community, to help us expand the HICC.

Expansion will provide much more room for the families and friends of patients to gather when all 25 beds are in use. Our doctors have requested dedicated consultation space so they can meet with families to discuss delicate matters. We want to expand so we can provide some medical procedures in the unit instead of transporting very ill patients back and forth from the hospital.

We see the need to expand so we can have a chapel and meditation space where families can be comforted or even hold services for those unable to afford a traditional funeral. And we plan to add classroom space to hold classes for medical students and nurses who are training in compassionate palliative and hospice care.

To do all this, we must raise about $1.3 million. Our plans are to begin renovation in mid-2017.

Here is a sample of the funding opportunities available:

  • Meditation Chapel - $50,000
  • Exam Room - $10,000
  • Recliners - $2,000 each
  • Hospital Beds - $4,500 each
  • Leaves on Tree in Family Room:
    • Red - $250
    • Orange - $500
    • Yellow - $750
    • Bronze - $1,000

If you are interested in helping us help others at the “High C,” please contact Bob Mueller, VP of Development, at 502-719-8921. Bob will be happy to share with you the specifics of our plans and perhaps even arrange a personalized tour of the facility.

For more about the expansion, click here to read this week’s article in the Courier-Journal.

As always, I am grateful for your continued interest and support of Hosparus.