The votes are in! Yesterday voters turned out in record highs all over the country. Many faced long lines, and in some Indiana areas, broken polling machines and ballots shortages. By around 11 p.m. last night it was clear that the Federal Government was going to be controlled by both parties.

The Senate & House
The Republican Party maintained control of the Senate, gaining seats that had been held by Democrats in traditionally red states, including Indiana. Incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly lost his bid for reelection to businessman and former State Senator Mike Braun. For Hosparus Health, Donnelly’s loss was the only change to our Federal Delegation. Congressman Trey Hollingsworth defeated challenger Liz Watson in Indiana’s 9th District. Congressman Yarmuth and Congressman Guthrie were also reelected along with Congressman Jamie Comer. While a new party will be in control of the House and its committees, we are looking forward to working with friendly and familiar faces come January!

The State Houses
Things remained steady in our State Houses, with a few exceptions:
• Republicans maintained their supermajorities of the legislative branches in both Indiana and Kentucky.
• The Kentucky State House is now comprised of 61 Republicans and 39 Democrats (a change of one seat).
• The state Senate has 28 Republicans, 9 Democrats and one open seat (also a change of one seat).
• Democrats in Indiana fell short of busting the Republican super majority in the House, while they gained two seats from Northern Indiana, they needed four more.

Hosparus Health’s delegation remains the same in both the Kentucky and Indiana houses!

Other Results: Women & Diversity

While Kentucky and Indiana remain largely unchanged it was a historic night for female candidates across the country. More than 100 women were elected to the house including the first two Native American representatives and the youngest female candidate ever (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York’s 14th Congressional District)!
In Louisville, incumbent Mayor Greg Fischer was reelected, defeating Angela Leet and seven other candidates. 

It certainly is an exciting time in Washington and here at home!