The good news is that when we are gripped by our fear of the unknown, "perhaps" can help us.

Perhaps is a connector to lead us away from our fearful thoughts and toward an open field of hope and possibility. Perhaps provides us comfort. Perhaps enables us to challenge our fearful thoughts with alternatives: perhaps our thoughts are not true; perhaps something else will happen; perhaps this is good; perhaps things can get better; perhaps everything is okay.

These alternatives assist us in opening our hearts to allow us to experience space and light in the midst of a crisis. Perhaps creates a type of faith that helps us get through an unexpected situation with less stress and greater ease.

As we examine our belief system through the lens of perhaps, we start to see that our fear of the future is merely a creation of our own minds. It is a perception that we conjure about our reality, one fueled by an inner dialogue centered on our negativity about the future. Fears that our endeavors will result in misfortune, that we will never be able to accomplish our goals, or that we will be unable to find a way out of our predicaments lose some hold on us.

In times of fear and worry, we remember to ask ourselves one simple question: “Do we know for sure that the things we fear will work out as negatively as we are projecting?” Most often, the answer to this simple question is a resounding no. We immediately recognize that, if our fears are neither definitive nor absolute, something else must exist within our experience of uncertainty. We become aware that the space in uncertainty that is not filled by our fears falls within the realm of perhaps. And just like that, we’ve made room for hope and possibility.

So as we embrace perhaps to alleviate stress and worry, we start to create more opportunities, because, instead of approaching life with fear, we approach it with a sense of all that is possible. Perhaps becomes our new internal dialogue, creating a vast and hopeful space within us. As we embrace it, we start to yearn less for certainty and more for our dreams, passions and joys. The unknown becomes an invitation for us to set sail on a new adventure, to create a life that reflects who we truly are and what we want to achieve.

With perhaps, we can rejoice in the fact that things are always changing. As everything remains open, there is room for our lives to grow and improve.

The philosophy of perhaps is so powerful because it doesn’t ask us to battle our negative thinking. Instead, Perhaps dilutes the power negative thinking has over us by inviting us to see other ways a situation can work out. If a negative thought, or a fear, is not a fact that will surely happen, then what are some other possibilities? When we acknowledge that there is more than one way that a situation can unfold, and that some of these ways may be positive, negative thoughts can no longer control us.

The idea of perhaps allows us to keep a positive and hopeful vision of our lives, and at the same time frees us from defining each and every moment as either good or bad. It is simply too painful to hold on to every event we do not like in our lives, seeing them as tragic and finite. What a joy to realize that the unexpected does not have to define our experience, but instead opens up opportunities to find new ways to accomplish our goals.

Perhaps is truly magic!